Working from home? Don’t forget to keep moving!

Working from home can be harder than it seems. We get it – so we’re serving up our best tips for keeping active and healthy when you’re stuck in the home office.

You’re likely to move way less when working from home. It is easy for hours to go by without even noticing that you haven’t moved at all. Try setting a reminder on your phone for every 30-60 minutes to get up and move. Some ideas include climbing up and down the stairs a few times, doing a series of air squats / push ups / jumping jacks – anything to get your body moving just a bit.

Keep Your Brain Fueled
It’s easy to get distracted, unmotivated, tired and just plain unfocused when you’re new to working from home. Making an extra special effort to choose healthy foods throughout the day will prevent both your body and brain from feeling sluggish. If you’re feeling like you need a little extra brain power, go ahead and pop a GLUKOS Liquid Energy GelEach gel packet has just enough glucose to feed your brain but just a few calories so they’re safe to take when sedentary.

Stay Hydrated
It’s as easy to go all morning without moving around as it is to forget to hydrate! With recent studies confirming that fluids that have the same ingredients as Oral Rehydration Solutions (such as GLUKOS) hydrate better than water alone, we encourage the use of our products beyond fuel for workouts and into everyday life. We recommend consuming one packet of GLUKOS liquid energy to replace a portion of your daily hydration intake. As a bonus, hydrating = more bathroom breaks = more moving!

Be Mindful of Extra Snacking
It’s easy to think “well since I’m up…I may as well grab a snack.” Try not to fall into that trap. Yes, the pantry is right there and it is going to take some self-control. Try planning your snacks for the day and portion them out just as you would if you were heading into the office.