GLUKOS may have been created by an athlete to improve athletic performance, but over the years it has become apparent – GLUKOS is being used by more than just those looking to excel at their sport. You see, the truth is that GLUKOS (glucose) is beneficial for everybody, as it provides the energy that your muscles, organs and brain need to function. Here are just a few types of people that use GLUKOS outside of the athletic arena:

People With Diabetes
We hear time and again how much better tasting our liquid gels and chewable tablets are than other similar products that are specifically marketed to people with diabetes. GLUKOS is great to take on-the-go and is packaged to easily fit into the ADA “15-15 Rule” (Ingest 15g of carbohydrates to raise blood glucose, then check again after 15 minutes), with each liquid gel providing 16g of carbs and each chewable tablet providing 5g of carbs.

People Avoiding Caffeine
We chose to make GLUKOS without caffeine because there is a difference between energy and stimulants. A recent study published by the American Heart Association indicates that caffeinated energy drinks alter the heart’s electrical activity and raises blood pressure. Glucose provides the energy your body and brain need to be more alert, without the negative effects.

Elderly Adults
As we age, we sometimes can’t get in enough calories to power our bodies through the activities we would like to do. GLUKOS helps this group gain extra energy to continue to be active and mentally alert on an everyday basis.

Truth be told, the list could go on and on! Work hard all day at a physically demanding job? Drink GLUKOS as an alternative to those brightly colored, artificially flavored options available at the convenience store. Staying up late to study? Bring a GLUKOS Liquid Energy Gel to make sure you can keep up without resorting to purchasing a calorie-laden sugary treat at the bakery as an excuse because you needed the energy!