According to Reader’s Digest, the most popular New Year Resolutions include losing weight, spending less, getting organized, learning something new… While these are all well and good, they don’t really inspire us so we decided to write our own.

Focus on Fun What the world needs now is more fun! We love signing up for races and getting serious about our training and results, but every now and then it is refreshing to just go do something for FUN, like exploring a new city on foot in place of your morning run or taking your bike out for an afternoon pub tour.

Connect We are so connected these days by a seemingly infinite number of apps, but the best way to connect is IN REAL LIFE! We plan to make an extra effort to spend real, quality time with our friends and maybe even make some new ones.

Get Lost Humans are creatures of habit and we aren’t any exception. This year we’re making a commitment to EXPLOREoutside our everyday comfort zone and risk getting lost every now and then! Yes, we will always have a map at our fingertips, but finding yourself in a new area of town or on a new trail is a great way to put your brain to work.

Don’t Overthink It Sometimes it is better to not thing, just DO. This especially applies when it’s cold out, you don’t want to pull on your tights/hat/gloves to go for a run because you’re stuck thinking about how miserable it is going to feel compared to your warm bed. Shut it down, stop anticipating the negative and just go DO THE THING. Have you ever regretted a workout?

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2018!