Optimal Hydration for Athletes

MILK > WATER? Optimal hydration is critically important for athletes. And if you’ve read the news lately you might have seen that a new study shows that milk is more hydrating than water alone. Say what?!? It’s true. As part of a study by researchers at Scotland’s St. Andrews University, 13 fluids were tested for their hydration abilities and low-fat milk landed at the top of the list. I guess milk really does do a body good. But – who wants to drink milk while they’re working out? Not me and I’m guessing not you. Thankfully there is a solid option for hydration during athletics at position #2 on the list.

Coming in at #2 on the “most hydrating fluid” list was oral rehydration solution or ORS. Why are we excited about that? Because the base formula for ORS is: water, glucose, sodium and potassium. That’s right – the exact same ingredients that are in GLUKOS Liquid Energy Gels.

Here’s the thing, we knew this all along. We know that the molecule glucose holds onto more water than any other type of sugar. Athletes can achieve optimal hydration levels by pairing their hydration with a bit of carbohydrate, to help their bodies “hold on” to the water. So when you’re working out, it’s important to remember, that if you add, even if you don’t really need the calories, having just a touch of carbs in your water, will improve your hydration.