Coincidence or GLUKOS?

Curious how GLUKOS improves performance? Justin Meram scores both Atlanta United goals and wins the game for his team. Coincidence or GLUKOS?

The pro MLS midfielder wanted to do a little experiment during a game to see if GLUKOS improved his performance. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. Justin had an amazing day, leading his team to victory with 2 goals and walking away as a MLS Goal of the Week contender. Check in out in action here:

We checked in with Justin the morning after this game, and here’s a short clip from our conversation:

GLUKOS: I’m super happy for you Justin.


JUSTIN: Did you say it or did you not!  Wow.


GLUKOS: You’re a great player. I’m guessing you liked the GLUKOS fuel?


JUSTIN: You bet I do. I felt like I was 25 again. Running up and down with power and wasn’t fatigued.


Want the energy of the 25 year old you too? Try switching to GLUKOS and let us know how it goes!