Press Coverage

Competitor Magazine Features GLUKOS Gummies

“Small bites for a fast energy boost.”

Competitor Magazine

Women's Running Features GLUKOS Gummies

“Candy-like drops also carry electrolytes that can be absorbed without water – unlike a Gu gel.”

Women's Running

Gear Junkies Fuel Up With GLUKOS Protein

“Instantly refuel with a rush of energy. GLUKOS markets the fact that it uses glucose, the human body’s natural blood sugar, versus sucrose or fructose found in other bars. ”

22 Gifts For Runners

“Endurance athletes are always looking for great mid-run nutrition to keep their energy levels up.”

Glukos – Where Energy Meets Science

“Usually, when these sort of products are the result of the science of nutrition, they fail our taste buds. But GLUKOS meets the energy needs of athletes, without tasting like it was made in a lab. ”

Industry Outsider

Health Magazine Features GLUKOS Energy Gel

“"...filled with glucose for an instant dose of oomph."”

Health Magazine

American Golfer

“If I’m lucky, I golf once a week. Because I need to take care of myself the other six days, as well, I’ve found GLUKOS.”

American Golfer

BIKE Magazine - GLUKOS Protein

“ It takes time and calories to break food down into glucose, so if energy is what you need, why not skip the middleman?”

Bike Magazine

The Best Energy Chews For Endurance Exercise

“GLUKOS uses glucose, pectin, and organic cane sugar in their gummies—for great texture and taste. The benefit to using glucose is it's partially absorbed into your bloodstream through your mouth...”

Men's Fitness

Glukos Protein on

“So if you take it within an hour of finishing your workout, you may find that you're actually more energized than exhausted. #Winning”

Robb Report: Robb Gear Fuels Up With GLUKOS

“GLUKOS has given us an alternative to fructose- and sucrose-sweetened energy products with its line of glucose-fueled sports products. ... The boost from the energy bars was legit.”

The Robb Report


“GLUKOS athlete Jared Ward sits down with Fox News San Diego to discuss his training and nutrition for running the marathon in the 2016 Olympic Games. ”

FOX News San Diego

Daily Burn: GLUKOS Gummie Review

“Replenish the electrolytes lost through your sweat and get a boost of energy with these Glukos Energy Gummies.”

Daily Burn GLUKOS Protein Bar Review

“There are three tasty flavors of bars—Rocky Road, Cookies ’N Creme, and (the winner) Chocolate Peanut Butter—that are a little like Rice Krispy treats on steroids.”


“For those who are looking for a more natural source of fitness nutrition, GLUKOS energy and protein products are free of artificial sweeteners, high-fructose corn syrup and caffeine.”

The Awesomer Perks Up With GLUKOS

“Protein products from Glukos Energy perk us up whether we hit the gym, golf course or bike trail, and the seriously tasty flavors provide fast, natural energy to active muscles... ”

The Awesomer

GLUKOS: A "Fresh Pick" Of Bike Mag

“Glukos’ energy products have been rescuing members of our staff from deep trips into the pain cave over the last few months, sometimes bringing us back from the dead on long rides in the SoCal heat.”

Bike Mag

Interview with GLUKOS Founder Mark Jensen

“We cannot thank Mark Jensen enough for his time and also creating such an incredible product. After all these years, we might of found the product we can stick with for a long time to come!”

Fab Running

Women's Running Fuel Up Awards

“GLUKOS Gummies were selected to receive a 2016 Women's Running Fuel Up Award!”

Women's Running

Best BROtein On The Market: Glukos Protein Bars & Powder

“Whether you’re looking for some new BROtein bars or a new powder, you should be looking in the direction of GLUKOS Energy, the hottest protein company on the market.”

Mountain Bike Action Features GLUKOS Gummies

“From hydration mix to energy gummies, GLUKOS has you covered with clean ingredients. We can tell you firsthand that the gummies are actually quite tasty.”

Mountain Bike Action

GLUKOS Awarded Competitor Magazine Editor's Choice

“GLUKOS Gels & Gummies are praised by the editor's of Competitor Magazine for their fast fuel and great taste and named Editor's Choice for 2016.”


“Producers of all-natural performance energy product, GLUKOS has expanded its product offering with the launch of new whey protein isolate bars and powders. ”

The Apparatus

Triathlete Magazine Selects Glukos Gummies As Favorite

“Why We Chose It: Quick Energy Hit The idea behind the line of Glukos products is that sugar in the form of glucose is a rapidly absorbed form of energy starting as soon as it hits your mouth.”

Triathlete Magazine

5 Things Women’s Running Loves

“After a long run using another fuel product from Glukos, I finished a gel and felt immediately refreshed versus groggy, even after eating a huge breakfast.”

Women's Running


“One of the attractive things about Glukos is what it lacks—no artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, caffeine, chemicals or dyes. ”

Runner's World 2015 Gear of The Year

“This line of endurance fuel is notable for what's not in it. No high fructose corn syrup. No artificial sweeteners. No caffeine. These were popular with several RW staffers.”

Runner's World

Cosmopolitan Magazine Features Glukos

“Cosmopolitan Magazine features Glukos Bars as a better afternoon snack in their November 2015 issue.”


Today In Gear: Gear Patrol

“Made with only the ingredients found in an IV bag — water, glucose and a number of electrolytes, including sodium and potassium...”

Gear Patrol

Tobin Heath, GLUKOS Athlete Interview

“I'm excited about GLUKOS because it's a product that allows me to (get one or two percent better) as a professional athlete.” Introduces Glukos

“Glukos was born from this idea—an energy food line comprised of glucose-based products. ”


“Like many of us, he was looking for a sustainable form of energy fuel that didn’t include all of the artificial crap—my technical word for it—we’ve all grown used to. ”

Austin Fit Magazine