What Fuels You? Tips For Coping With Crohn's Disease

We are often told stories by our consumers that inspire us, and Ian Barnes is no exception. Ian has battled Crohn's disease for over a decade, suffering what should be debilitating set-backs. But Barnes is a fighter and refuses to let this disease slow him down. In fact, Barnes uses GLUKOS to fuel his athletic pursuits - the only sports nutrition product that does not make him sick. 

1.5, to many it is just an insignificant number. To me though it means far more.It is what I see each time I look in a mirror. A number that makes me feel inadequate. It’s exact origin, I cannot recall. All I know is that it plagues me everyday. Opiates may have numbed the physical pain of the traumatic flares I experienced as a teenager, but the painkillers did nothing to quell the psychological turmoil I endured on a daily basis. Shortly after being released from the hospital the notion was ingrained into me as a child that I would have to train 1.5 times harder than my peers to my make up for the effects which accompany my invisible illness. Did I hear this from a doctor, a family member, or did I conceive this notion on my own? I do not recall, but as I researched Crohn’s disease, the information I discovered seemed to support my hypothesis. A disdain for the world and myself secretly consumed my life. No matter how much I tried to distance myself from Crohn’s disease I came to ascertain that no one can outrun a chronic illness. I hid behind a facade choosing not to share my story for I desired to assimilate with my peers. It was not until I truly accepted my conditions and began to advocate that I truly believed that I had a purpose in life. And I hope through sharing my story and the following tips that this will help fulfill my yearning.

As referenced in my previous article, Crohn’s disease not only affects each individual differently, but treatment also varies on a case by case basis. Disclaimer, consult your physician before pursuing some of these options and if you have any questions or desire to delve further into a topic, please email me at ilbarnes22@gmail.com.

First and foremost, I believe the most important component is managing stress. Personally, this is something that I am continuing to attempt to improve on. Stress has without a doubt induced most of my flares. To manage stress, I workout, I meditate, I do yoga, I follow a routine, I advocate, etc.. Whatever you need to do to manage stress you must do. Next, I take probiotics. Although studies have not definitively shown improvement in patients with severe IBD with consumption of probiotics, I personally believe that probiotics have made a significant difference in my life.

The first two tips may seem common, but the next few are avant garde. The first is cryogenic therapy where one exposes their body to temperatures of approximately -300°F for three minutes. Being exposed to these adverse conditions causes the body to enter survival mode sending blood to your core and vital organs to provide nutrients and oxygen. Upon leaving the chamber, nutrient dense blood is then rushed to your extremities removing toxins thereby reducing inflammation and improving digestion. From extreme cold to now extreme heat, the next approach is to ingest bentonite clay. Bentonite clay is volcanic clay comprised of 25 to 35 trace minerals that allows it to absorb up to 40 times its own weight in positively charged particles as it traverses the GI tract. Bentonite clay has been used by primitive tribes for centuries and has been used to in the past to treat conditions even as extreme as cholera.

From new ideas to approaches centuries old, a holistic approach must be used to treat Crohn’s disease. Bear in mind while some of my approaches may appear extreme by utilizing certain elements of nature, my diet is clean. I am cautious of what I put into my body. Proper nutrition is imperative to success in athletics and when managing Crohn’s disease. When it comes to my diet, I stick with simple holistic foods that my body is able to easily digest and yield high energy outputs. During performance it is especially important to provide your body with fast and easy digesting, long lasting energy. That is why I choose GLUKOS to fuel my training and races for it is an all-natural, caffeine free, dairy free, and gluten free product that delivers results. Ultimately, all I ever hoped for in life was to put myself in a position to have success. And while I may face setbacks given the nature of my conditions, I can rely upon GLUKOS to fuel my training and my recovery. Crohn’s disease is my motivation, GLUKOS fuels this drive. What motivates you? What fuels your drive?