Lightest in Leadville (Part 2): The Bike

In last week’s post I let you in on a little something – I plan to have the lightest bike in Leadville this year. Why? Let me explain a little here.

Because the Leadville 100 MTB race is held at over 10,000 feet of elevation and includes over 12,000 feet of elevation gain (or climbing), keeping your bike weight and the rotational weight of your wheels to an absolute minimum is key.  One other stat to keep in mind is that because of Leadville’s unique elevation, athletes will only have about 80% of their endurance work capacity that they would normally have at sea level.  Therefore, I’d like to focus my energy on getting my body up the mountain and not pulling my bike.

Working with Robbie Ventura and Vision Quest Training, we’ve estimated that on a 7% grade (similar to Leadville) for every 1lb of weight you remove from your bike or your body, you gain 3 watts.  The average bike weight at Leadville is 25lbs and we’ve just put together what we believe to be the lightest bike at Leadville – a 16lb Trek Superfly!  In other words, by removing 9lbs from my bike, I’ve just gained 27 watts which is an incredible savings.  It would take months and months of training to be able to increase wattage by that amount (and if you read last week, you know my training time is quite limited). 

Robbie and I worked with Trek Bikes, Lauf Forks, SRAM and Mcfk to build this amazingly light mountain bike, weighing even less than many of the road bikes out there. Here are some of the components we used to get our bike to be the Lightest at Leadville!

Frame – Trek Superfly

Fork – Lauf Forks

Groupset – SRAM XX1

Components – Truvative handlebars, seatpost

Stem – ENVE Carbon

Wheels – SRAM XX1 Tubular

Tires – Schwalbe Racing Ralph

Seat – Mcfk Carbon

Since I now have the lightest bike, I’m going to take it to the next level and also have the most dialed-in nutrition plan. I’ll discuss that next time. Spoiler: it includes GLUKOS

Here's some shots of my new rig!

*This was taken before we shavd another 1lb+ off!