Healthy Holiday Travel

‘Tis the season for crowded airports, missed connections and frantic travelers! As much as we love arriving at our destination, the process of getting there can be a bit of a pain, leaving you feeling drained and ready to do nothing but nap. But you can beat the energy suck by following a few simple tips that help us stay energized on those long travel days.

HYDRATE The dry air in airports and on planes sucks the water right out of you, without your even knowing it! Prepare for your trip with extra hydration the day prior and don’t forget your reusable water bottle as part of your carry-on. If you absolutely must enjoy a cocktail at 30,000 feet, make sure to keep it light with something like a spirit and soda water blend.

MOVE You may end up going 2,000 miles, but with all the sitting and waiting around you’re likely to do, you are probably moving only about 50% of your normal daily amount. Take advantage of the hustle and bustle and use the time in between connections to do laps up and down the terminal. If there are stairs, take them! Waiting to board? Skip the seat and take a stand. Finally, when you arrive at your final destination, try a brisk 10-minute walk outside to wake up a travel weary body.

BYOS Raise your hand if this thought has ever gone through your head – “traveling is stressful enough, I’m just going to comfort myself with this delicious (muffin/cinnamon roll/gigantic panini) ...” Not only is airport food hard on your wallet, it is also loaded with sodium and calories that will leave you bloated and feeling even worse than when you started. While there are more and more healthy options around, your best bet is to plan ahead with packable snacks like baby carrots, nuts, hard-boiled eggs, PB&J’s etc. We like to make sure we have a GLUKOS Protein Powder Single Serve handy at all times for when we need a quick and healthy breakfast option.

WASH I mean really wash. Next time you’re breezing through the airport restroom, take note of how many people are truly scrubbing their hands with soap for the CDC-recommended time of 20 seconds. I bet you can even guess the answer. That’s all the more reason for you to do so, to protect yourself from picking something up en-route. Note that some of the germiest places on an airplane are the bathroom (duh), tray table, overhead bin latch and the air modulator above your head. While we don’t advocate being germaphobic, when traveling you’re better off being safe than sorry.

REST Unless you’re one of those super lucky, “I can sleep anywhere” types, chances are you’re not going to get meaningful shut eye during a flight. But you can turn your experience into an opportunity to rest and rejuvenate with an eye mask and headphones. Download a soothing sounds or meditative app before take-off and you’ll soon forget all about the neighbors in your row.

We’re wishing everyone safe travels as we kick off the holiday season!