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Glukos is a line of energy products for athletes, but with a twist. Usually, when these sort of products are the result of the science of nutrition, they fail our taste buds. But Glukos manages to meet the energy needs of athletes, without tasting like it was made in a lab. And they’ve spread that science and great flavor across a wide range of products.

Since my wife has Type 1 diabetes, we’re well-versed in the effects of both high and low blood sugar. And she’s used to the generic glucose tablets that all diabetics should carry with them. So Glukos provided her with five of their eight products. Over the past few months, we were able to test and review them.

Before we get to the review, a little background is necessary. For starters, glucose is the form of sugar your body needs for fuel. Glucose is the only sugar your body can use immediately after you consume it. Sucrose, another sugar, is broken down into glucose and fructose. Sounds good, right? Except that fructose needs to get to your liver in order to be metabolized, so it doesn’t act as fast. While that might sound okay, fructose is also very lipogenic – the excess is stored as fat. Based on glucose, Glukos is fast-acting energy with minimal ingredients. It’s clean fuel, and instantly available.

Glukos Energy Tablets

Our favorite is the Glukos Energy Tablets. Each tube contains 14 tablets in either lemon, orange, or fruit punch flavors. Sure, they look like the tabs you drop in your water bottle, but they’re not. These work best when chewed, or even dissolved in your mouth. And they are the fastest way to bring up your blood sugar. You should use them when you’re about to bonk, for quick results.

Glukos Energy Gummies

Next up are the Glukos Energy Gummies. Each pack contains 12 cubes, so there are two servings per pack. While they don’t look like cute bears or worms, they taste great, and have a nice texture. If the tablets aren’t your thing, these might be a good choice. Be sure to note that they have the same flavor options as the tablets as well. And they’re another great way to get a boost of clean calories.

Glukos Energy Powders

If you need electrolytes with your energy, the Glukos Energy Powder has that covered. Just add to 12 ounces of water, and you get the same flavor options, plus a good dose of potassium and sodium. Diabetics dehydrate easily, and this has saved us from at least one trip to the ER. Easy on the stomach, and as tasty as any other powdered drink out there. Note that they require a bit more planning than tablets or gummies. You’ll need the proper amount of water to use the powders.

Glukos Energy Gels

For those that prefer a gel, the Glukos Energy Gel is another option. Again, they come in the same three flavors, but this time in 2.4 ounce gel form. Some users may find the packaging to be bulky (if you carry several), but it’s easy on the stomach. Because my wife is not a fan of the gels, this was her least favorite.

Glukos Energy Bars

The most food-like of the line, the Glukos Energy Bar is ideal for before or after any hard activity. It’s a great snack or light meal too, making it perfect as backup fuel for hiking and camping. Available in apple cinnamon, peanut butter, chocolate, and lemon. These are the bars you stash in your jersey, backpack, glove compartment, and desk.

We understand that Glukos is designed for athletes of all levels. Due to the nature of their products, they are also great for diabetics, whether athletes or not. Although our testing may not have been scientific, it’s very realistic. When out for a walk or hike, my wife experienced a measurable drop in her blood glucose. Each of the forms of Glukos she tried brought her sugars up, without any bad tastes or stomach issues. And we really like that they all seem to be vegan, and free of soy, gluten, dairy, and caffeine, as well as artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. Visit the Glukos website to view the full ingredients lists.

Brian (with assistance from Mrs. Outsider)

**We would like to thank Glukos for providing their products for this review. It’s clear that a lot of research went into the ingredients, and it shows. I highly suggest you check out their website, but also do your own research on glucose as a fuel for your body. And then compare their ingredients list to similar products. You may find yourself changing brands.