Energy Versus Stimulants: Knowing The Difference

How do you decide what to reach for during your 2:00pm slump? Most of us know this feeling well. Our lunch has digested and now we are ready for a nap. Your first inclination is likely to reach for a cup of coffee or Coke for a pick me up. But what if we told you that reaching for GLUKOS will give you a healthier, longer-lasting boost - without the jitters? 

It's true. The post-lunch crash that you head into each afternoon is, in part, thanks to your blood sugar levels falling about an hour after you eat lunch. Stimulants can help you feel like you have more energy, through increased heart rate and metabolism, but by targeting the underlying cause (raising your blood sugar level) you'll be able to return to your normal energy level without the potential of experiencing the negative side effects of stimulants (disruption in sleep patterns, jitters, etc.)

The quickest and healthiest way to raise your blood sugar, ie: get more energy? Glucose. Pure glucose is used by diabetics to avoid dangerous blood sugar crashes. It's ability to quickly raise your blood sugar, thereby giving you energy, is because it is absorbed into your cells immediately - no digestion required. Your body turns everything you eat and drink into glucose through the process of digestion. Bypassing this process saves both time and energy.

Glucose is also the only carbohydrate that gives your brain energy. If you're having trouble focusing or feeling foggy, it is likely your brain needs a boost of glucose.

Reach for a GLUKOS Energy Shot or Chewable Energy Tablet in the early afternoon can become a healthy way to stay energized and focused for the rest of your afternoon. 

You can learn more about stimulants and athletics by checking out this scientific whitepaper.