An Epic Swim Workout, Fueled By GLUKOS

We heard from so many GLUKOS fans that they were ringing in the New Year with an epic workout. From a 35 mile run from Ft. Worth to Dallas, to ski mountaineering to riding the best trails that San Diego has to offer - many chose to celebrate their health and fitness as a way to set the tone for the new year. We sat down to talk to one of these athletes, pro triathlete and Team GLUKOS member Kelsey Withrow, about her epic 100x100 meter swim set. That's 6.2 miles of swimming, accomplished in right around 2 hours (this is smokin' fast guys.)

Q: When and where did this go down?

A: On December 31, the Walnut Creek Masters Swimming program, which I’m a member of, held practice where you had the option to choose 100x whatever’s (25’s, 50’s, 75’s, or 100’s). We had around 20 people swim the 100’s with seven people in my lane.

Q: When did the 100x100's become a “thing” for you? What is the lure to mark milestones with this specific swim set?

A: I’ve been doing the infamous set of 100x100s since I was probably 12 or 13 years old with my local swim club.  It’s extremely popular around the holidays especially with Masters swimming.  It’s also a pretty fun and epic way to bring in the New Year with 6.2 miles of swimming. Most Master’s swim practices are only an hour so this is a lot of yardage for most swimmers.  My favorite part of the set is when we hit 7,000 yards. That’s when I start feeling my strongest and people start to crack.

Q: How did you determine your send off? i.e. If someone wants to recreate this, how should they determine their interval?

A: My lane chose the 1:15 per 100 yard send off with no breaks while the others did 1:20.  In a typical masters workout, my lane will swim on the 1:10 send off and even sometimes the 1:05.  We were all getting 5-9 seconds rest on each 100, which is typically the amount of rest you should take when doing a set like this.  Lots of people will do sets of ten then rest but we chose to swim straight through for another challenge.

Q: How did GLUKOS play a role in keeping everyone fueled up? What did you eat/drink and when?

A: Swimming burns a lot of calories so making sure you are staying fueled and hydrated for a set like this is super important.  Thankfully we had a ton of GLUKOS products at hand from energy gels, energy tablets, gummies and energy bars.  I would say the most popular product of our lane was the gel.  They go down fast because it is the consistency of juice and has 60 calories and 16 grams of glucose per package.  I had my first gel at 5,000 yards and the next at 7500 yards. I was also drinking out of my water bottle that had the GLUKOS energy powder in it from the start.  We had another guy who ate a peanut butter energy bar and drank half a bottle filled with two scoops of GLUKOS energy powder before the start of the 100’s.  He continued to sip his drink throughout and had two gels and five tablets during the rest of the swim.

Q: How tired were you after? How did you recover?

A: I wasn’t that tired right after we finished after but definitely needed a nap a few hours later.  Most of us ate a GLUKOS protein bar immediately after we finished swimming to hold us off until breakfast.  I woke up the next day a little fatigued but ready for a new day of training.

Q: What big races are on your schedule for 2017 and what is up first?

A: My main goal for the 2017 season is to qualify for the Professional Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  I will be racing mostly on the Ironman 70.3 circuit with my first race being either Oceanside 70.3 or Texas 70.3 in March.

We look forward to following Kelsey this year through her race season! You can keep up with her at, on Twitter at @kelseywithrow and in Instagram at @superfit08.