Twice the energy, twice as fast — with no upset stomach. Delivers fast, natural energy in a ready-to-drink liquid gel pack. Nothing artificial here: no caffeine, stimulants, fillers, or junk. The only ingredients are water, electrolytes, all natural fruit flavors, and glucose.

Comes in a convenient single-serve pack that won’t hold you back. Without any gum or thickening fillers, it goes down like water and is easy to take on the run.

Ensures your body will get twice the energy, twice as fast than with other carbohydrates. A refreshing, great-tasting all-natural formula means no byproducts known to cause G.I. issues — like triglycerides and lactic acid resulting from digestion of sucrose or fructose. It’s pure, clean energy.

Available in a pack of 12 packets.

  • TWICE THE ENERGY, TWICE AS FAST - Convenient energy source available in a single-serve, ready-to-drink liquid gel pack that’s easy to take on the run.
  • PURE & CLEAN - Glucose, water, electrolytes and natural flavors — that’s it. No byproducts like triglycerides and lactic acid during digestion, so you don’t need to worry about upset stomach or bloating during activity.
  • ENERGY & ELECTROLYTES - Packed with glucose for energy and sodium and potassium to support critical body function during hard workouts and racing. On average, gels contain 3X more potassium than other brands, helping you avoid muscle cramps, brain fog and nausea.
  • NO JUNKNo fructose or sucrose, no artificial sweeteners or flavors, no nasty chemicals. It’s gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and vegan.
  • INGREDIENTS - Water, Glucose, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors, Potassium Phosphate, Potassium Citrate, Sea Salt.
  • Comes in a pack of 12 packets.
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Susan W.
United States

I’ve only used it 3 times on a run or I should I have said I tried using it with no success. I had one successful run and it did good. On the last 2 runs, when I went to tear the tab to open it, it did not tear off properly and I was unable to drink it. I still loved the tablets that have not been available in a long time.

Bob L.
United States United States
Love the gel. Hate the packaging.

Amazing product providing instant energy. Are use it in training and racing, triathlon and cycling. Getting the gel out of the packet is a problem. Certainly while riding it is very hard to tear the top hold onto the loose piece and hope that you’ve broken the seal. Many times, Ive torn the top but the seal is not broken. Or worse is when the seal is only slightly. Then it just slowly leaks. I would happily take a larger container, possibly refillable, where I could use a fliptop. I have taken two putting several into my water bottle, but then I look at the big pile of plastic and I’m very sad for the environment.

Joyce T.
United States United States
Use these for low blood sugar.

I find these little packages perfect for treating low blood sugar overnight. No glucose tabs getting stuck in my teeth. Simply rinse my mouth and no toothbrushing necessary. Ensures I can get back to bed quicker.

Jenni O.
United States United States
Awesome liquid gel...needs new packaging

I absolutely love the liquid gel! Both flavors taste great, provide instant energy and are easy to digest. I would give five stars if the gel packets were improved. The packaging doesn’t work for liquid. It is very difficult to get all of the liquid out of the package, and 60 calories is not enough. Please update the gel packs to the Skratch or Untapped format and 100 calories each.

Amanda H.
United States United States

Glukos is my go fuel for short or long runs. Easy on the stomach and kicks in quickly.