It’s Kona Week! Triathletes around the globe are converging on Kona, Hawaii this week for the Ironman World Championships. This prestigious event pits the best against the best (and against the heat and humidity) for a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and 26.2 mile run. Pro’s will finish in 8-10 hours, though the entire field of both professional and amateur athletes can take up to 17 hours to be an official race finisher.

Defending his 2x title this year is German triathlete Jan Frodeno. Jan also had a Gold medal from the 2008 Olympics – impressed yet? Jan began fueling with GLUKOS early this spring and we wanted to know – just how do you fuel for a grueling long-distance race like the Ironman World Championships. Here’s what he told us.


When I get up I make 1 bottle of GLUKOS energy powder – I continue to sip on this bottle till the start


Just before I head into water I’ll have 1 GLUKOS energy gel.

When I get onto the bike, I have 2 prepared bottles of GLUKOS energy powder.

I also have one 500ml bottle of GLUKOS energy gel mixed with green tea powder… Here in Hawaii I add a pinch of salt (table salt).

In my nutrition box on the bike I have 2 packages of GLUKOS energy gummies- this is all that will fit 😉

During the bike leg, I refill whatever I can get (mainly with water).

I drink and eat to taste- but I try to have a slip of my gel bottle every 20- 30 minutes.

On the run there are 6 special aid stations for the pros where we can leave our preferred nutrition. At each of these I’ll grab a bottle with cold water and a GLUKOS energy gel attached to the bottle.


At the finish line my physio is waiting with a bottle of chocolate GLUKOS protein powder so I immediately start regeneration.

You can watch Jan race this weekend by following the race live on

October 12, 2020 — Roberto Gutierrez