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Altitude Training With Jared Ward

Olympic Marathoner Jared Ward shares his philosophy on altitude training.

Meet Ironman World Champion Jan Frodeno In Oceanside

Meet Ironman World Champion Jan Frodeno at Oceanside 70.3! Brought to you by GLUKOS Energy.

Women's Running Features Glukos Gummies

March 2017 Women's Running

GLUKOS Gummies Featured In Competitor Magazine

 March 2017 Issue

Fructose Metabolism

Glucose and fructose share the same molecular formula (C6H12O6), but are arranged differently, resulting in stark differences in their metabolism.

Winter Running With Olympic Marathoner Jared Ward

Jared Ward's tips on surviving winter run training.

Military Exclusive

GLUKOS partners with to offer our armed services members a discount on fuel for the front lines.

Shaquille Walker: Millrose Games Preview

Pro Runner Shaquille Walker give us the skinny on coming back from Olympic Trials disappointment.

Pro Runner Shaquille Walker Joins GLUKOS Team

Pro runner Shaquille Walker signs with GLUKOS to fuel his 2017 season.

GLUKOS Vanilla Spice Smoothie Recipe

Warm up from the inside out while rebuilding your muscles and replacing your glycogen stores.

Energy Versus Stimulants: Knowing The Difference

Knowing the difference between energy and stimulants can help you determine the best source of sports and everyday nutrition for your body.

An Epic Swim Workout, Fueled By GLUKOS

Swimmers are known for doing some crazy workouts to celebrate certain milestones like birthdays. Pro triathlete Kelsey Withrow shares her experience ringing in 2017 with a 100x100 swim workout, fueled by GLUKOS.

The Science of Fluid Absorption

Fluid absorption has an impact on your hydration. Learn about the 3 key factors of fluid absorption so you can perform at your best.

How Carbs Give You Energy: Carbohydrate Metabolism & Performance

Explore how carbohydrates work and why they are the best energy source for exercise.

GLUKOS To Sponsor Cylance Pro Cycling For 2017

GLUKOS announces their official partnership with the Cylance Pro Cycling Team for 2017.

Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Protein Pancakes

Boosting your protein intake is simple - and delicious - with this easy protein pancake recipe!

What Fuels You? Tips For Coping With Crohn's Disease

Endurance athlete Ian Barnes suffers from Crohn's disease and uses GLUKOS as part of his strategy for treating symptoms. Here he outlines his tips for coping with the disease while remaining athletic.


Easter Attempts To Complete 30 Half Ironman Races In One Year To Raise Money For “Make A Wish” Foundation

#50SUB3 - Running 50 Marathons, In Each State, Under 3 Hours

Meet Brian Post, the Team GLUKOS Ambassador who is on track to run 50 marathons (one in each state), each under 3 hours. 

2017 Team GLUKOS Application

Do you LOVE GLUKOS? Apply for a spot on the 2017 Team GLUKOS!

Rocky Road Energy Bite Recipe

Quick, easy and delicious Rocky Road Energy Bite recipe to keep you fueled up during your adventures.

Glukos – Where Energy Meets Science

Industry Outsider provides an extensive review of GLUKOS products and their use for the diabetic athlete.

4 Tips For Finding New Training Partners And Routes After A Move

Moving is tough enough, but losing your favorite training ground and training partners can be even tougher. Team GLUKOS triathlete Ben Lindell shares his tips for finding new routes and partners after you have moved.

Training Through Pregnancy

Professional triathlete Sarah Haskins shares her experience and advice for training while pregnant.

Glycemic Index and Athletic Performance

Dr. Jason Barker Explains the glycemic index and how it relates to athletic performance.

Not All Carbohydrates are Created Equal

Glucose, fructose, sucrose, maltodextrin - all carbohydrates. But not all equals. Find out why glucose is superior.

How to Prepare & Pack for a Run-cation!

Packing is probably the least fun part of vacation, but having a great guide can help! Travel to your next race prepared with these tips. 

Sarah Haskins: How To Make The Leap From Short To Long Course Triathlon

2008 Olympian and Pro triathlete Sarah Haskins shares her tips for moving up from short course to long course racing. 

The Adverse Role of Stimulants in Athletics

Learn why stimulants are avoided in all GLUKOS Energy products.

3 Common Injuries Of Beginner Runners

It's officially fall running season! Jenny from the Runny Legs, Burnt Toast blog shares injuries that she dealt with as a beginning runner and her remedies.

The Chronicles of a Chronic Fighter - Battling Crohn's Disease As An Endurance Athlete

Endurance athlete Ian Barnes battles Crohn's disease and advocates on behalf of the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation, finds GLUKOS to be the only fuel that his body accepts. 

How To Get the MOST Out of your Swim Workout!

Pro triathlete Sarah Haskins shares her tips on how to approach your swim workout to make the most of your time and your yards. 


Health Magazine praises GLUKOS Energy Gel for its "instant does of oomph."

Liz Lyles Ironman Triathlon Nutrition Plan

Team GLUKOS pro triathlete Liz Lyles shares her Ironman-winning nutrition plan. 

Racing on GLUKOS

Race-day nutrition is a very personal thing and may take some experimentation to get dialed in. 

4 Best Exercises a Runner Can Do

Jenna Kinzie shares her 4 best exercises that runners should do for injury prevention.


GLUKOS powered athletes to the podium 5 times at the 2016 Olympics! 

Racing In The Heat: Too Hot to Handle 15K Race Recap

How do you handle racing in the heat? Jenna Kinzie of the Jenna Runs blog shares her experience at the Too Hot To Handle 15K in Dallas.

Lightest in Leadville (Part 4): Top 3 Ingredients For A Successful Finish

GLUKOS founder, Mark Jensen, 

BIKE Magazine Features GLUKOS Protein

"It takes time and calories to break food down into glucose, so if energy is what you need, why not skip the middleman?" Read More...

Run Faster: Tips For Improving Your Speed On The Track

Team GLUKOS triathlete Ben Lindell shares his favorite track workout for improving his run speed. 

Lightest in Leadville (Part 3): Race-Day Nutrition Plan

GLUKOS founder Mark Jensen shares his nutrition plan for the Leadville 100 MTB. 

Essentials for your first running race

Jenny from the Runny-Legs, Burnt Toast blog shares exactly what you'll need for your first running race!

#TeamGLUKOS Triathlete Ben Lindell: The Road to Kona

#TeamGLUKOS triathlete Ben Lindell didn't grow up as an athlete, but the decision to train for a triathlon quickly turned him into a pretty fast one.

THE Smoothie Recipe

Jenna Kinzie of Jenna Runs, shares her favorite Glukos protein powder smoothie recipe

Lightest in Leadville (Part 2): The Bike

GLUKOS founder, Mark Jensen, has a goal: finish the Leadville 100 MTB race on the lightest bike in Leadville. Learn more about the bike.

Runny Legs: Running with your Partner…

Jenny of Runny Legs shares her experience of having a running partner who also happens to be her husband and how they make it work.

Lightest In Leadville (Part 1): How Do You Train To Race Across The Sky?

GLUKOS Founder, Mark Jensen, chronicles his preparation to race the Blueprint for Athletes Leadville Trail 100 MTB race with the aim of being the Lightest In Leadville.

Racing to Rio (Part 3 of 3): The Send Off

In just 30 days, Team GLUKOS runner, Jared Ward, will tow the line in his 5th marathon ever representing the USA in the Olympic Games. In our 3rd and final installment following Jared’s lead-up to the big day, we find out how he’s feeling now that the hay is in the barn.

SMALL details that can make a BIG difference

Over the years, as an athlete and a coach, something that always surprises me still to this day is how little attention is paid to little things that can really improve your performance and make your training a lot easier.

Top 10 Summer Road Cycling Tips

Summer is the most popular time of year for riding so we’ve rounded up our top 10 tips for staying safe and enjoying your time in the saddle for the rest of the season.

GLUKOS Visits The Tour de France

GLUKOS founder Mark Jensen catches up with Robbie Ventura during Stage 13 of the 2016 Tour de France.

3 Things Beginning Runners Should Avoid

Jenny Nakamura of Runny-Legs, Burnt Toast, shares 3 things for beginning runners to avoid.


GLUKOS’ Reach Into Action Sports Market Bolstered Through Hall Of Famer’s Legendary Status

Jared Ward's Run Training Tips: 5 Tips For Effective Recovery

Running 120 miles per week is tough on the body – so is running 20 miles per week if you’re a recreational runner. We often look at our workouts as the most critical component of training, but if you don’t take care to recover properly, those workouts can quickly lead to injury and excessive fatigue. 

3 Ways To Build Your Running Endurance

Jenna Kinzie of Jenna Runs, shares 3 ways to build your running endurance

RACING TO RIO (PART 2 OF 3): From Track & Field to Marathons

Only after he hung up his dreams of becoming a soccer superstar that his athletic focus became running. Little did he know that in college, he would suffer another setback that would turn out to once again change the course of his athletic career – and ultimately lead him to the Olympics.

Enter To Win VIP Passes!

We're giving away 2 VIP passes to the Rock 'n' Roll Denver and St. Louis Half Marathons!

Runny-Legs: Pre- & Post-Workout Nutrition Tips For Runners

Jenny Nakamura writes the Runny-Legs, Burnt Toast blog where she shares her experiences running everything from 5K's to 50 milers. Here she shares her pre & post run nutrition tips with us.

Jared Ward's Nutrition: Freedom From Faulty Fuel

Jared Ward doesn't risk it when it comes to his nutrition selection. GLUKOS Energy gives him confidence to race his best without bonking or a stomach ache in the closing miles, without filling his body with artificial ingredients or stimulants.

Jenna Runs: A Beginner's Guide To Proper Fueling During a Marathon

Jenna Kinzie writes the blog Jenna Runs and is training for her first marathon. She shares some tips that other marathon newbies will find useful.

GLUKOS Energy Signs Professional Triathlete Sarah Haskins

Top-ranked professional triathlete Sarah Haskins will fuel her 2016 race season with GLUKOS Energy.

Jared Ward’s Run Training Tips: 3 Tips For Proper Pacing

Proper pacing can make or break your race. Whether you’re preparing to tackle the full 26.2 miles of a marathon or trying to nail your fastest 5K, setting your goal pace and training to sustain it over the entire distance requires discipline AND pace intervals. 

Jared Ward’s 'Stache': Gear That Makes The Olympic Marathoner Go

Winning Jared Ward’s 'Stache' is a big deal. No, you can’t have his mustache, but you CAN have the gear he relies on day-in and day-out to ensure he’s in top form for training and racing. 

Racing to Rio (Part 1 of 3): The Making of a Runner

With just over 50 days until marathoner and GLUKOS athlete Jared Ward represents the USA by walking in the opening ceremonies of Rio 2016, we take a look at Jared’s childhood to find out when his metaphorical “flag day” was. When did Jared Ward adopt running as his sport?

Jared Ward & GLUKOS On Fox News San Diego

GLUKOS athlete Jared Ward sits down with Fox News San Diego to discuss his training and nutrition for running the marathon in the 2016 Olympic Games.


GLUKOS Expands Into Action Sports With Addition of Iconic Skateboarder to Its Growing Team of Ambassadors

An American West Adventure: VanLifeAmerica Fuels Up With GLUKOS

Canadian Todd Hodder shares his VanLifeAmerica adventure and how he uses GLUKOS to keep fueled up.

Enter to Win VIP Passes to the Rock 'n' Roll San Diego Marathon & 1/2 Marathon!

Enter to win 2 VIP Passes to the Rock 'n' Roll San Diego Marathon & Half Marathon! 

Mark Jensen's Favorite GLUKOS Breakfast

GLUKOS founder, Mark Jensen, shares his recipe for breakfast success. Hint: it includes GLUKOS!

The Balancing Act: Full-Time Triathlete & Full-Time Mom Liz Lyles

Ironman Champion Liz Lyes talks balancing full-time triathlon training with full-time parenting. 

Mary Beth Ellis’s Favorite Chocolate Recovery Drink

Ironman Champion Mary Beth Ellis shares her favorite Chocolate GLUKOS recovery shake recipe! 

Mary Beth Ellis’s Favorite Berry Recovery Drink

Mary Beth Ellis, American long-distance Triathlete, has created one of her favorite recovery drinks using the GLUKOS Whey Protein Powder and now she’s sharing it with you!

10 Tips For A Successful First Marathon

GLUKOS Founder and former professional runner, Mark Jensen, shares his top 10 tips for ensuring your first marathon is a success! 

Olympic Marathon Team Runner Jared Ward: Tips For Running Your First Marathon

2016 Olympic Team USA marathoner Jared Ward provides his tips and tricks for running your first marathon.

It's Marathon Week at GLUKOS

We've declared it Marathon Week at GLUKOS! Save 26.6% on all orders.

GLUKOS Protein: It Tastes Amazing!

GLUKOS Protein is a hit with the press because it tastes so good! Editors from the top health & fitness publications share their first impressions of the new products.

Keeping Kids Fueled Up With GLUKOS

GLUKOS is a great choice for energy and protein for the entire family. Kids love the flavor and parents love the safe and clean ingredients!

Ironman Champion Liz Lyles: Run Training Tips

Ironman Champion Liz Lyles shares her tips on how to become a faster and more efficient runner.

GLUKOS Energy Gummies Receive Women's Running Fuel Up Award

Women's Running awards GLUKOS Energy Gummies with a 2016 Fuel Up Award.

Ironman Champion Mary Beth Ellis: Recovery

Ironman Champion discusses the importance of recovery and how she uses GLUKOS Protein to help her perform her best each day. 

Mountain Bike Action Magazine Features GLUKOS Energy Products

GLUKOS Energy products are lauded for having clean ingredients and great taste by Mountain Bike Action Magazine in their April 2016 issue.

GLUKOS Wins Competitor Magazine Editor's Choice 2016

GLUKOS gels and gummies have been awarded Editor's Choice by Competitor Magazine for Fast Fuel in 2016.

Interview With 2016 Olympic Marathon Team Member Jared Ward

Fresh off his 2016 Olympic Marathon Team berth in LA, Jared Ward sat down with GLUKOS founder Mark Jensen, and spoke about the race that has changed his life.


Marathoner Jared Ward Earns Olympic Berth After Joining Glukos Roster Of Sponsored Athletes

Glukos Featured in Triathlete Magazine

Glukos gummies were included in Triathlete Magazine's March/April "Fuel Awards" issue, selected for their ability to fuel you quickly and "make you feel like you're feeding a candy craving."

Ironman Champion Mary Beth Ellis: Seven Deadly Triathlon Sins

8x Ironman Champion Mary Beth Ellis confesses her seven deadly triathlon sins so you don't make the same mistakes!

Training and Racing with GLUKOS: Rock 'n' Roll Arizona Race Report

Former collegiate swimmer and age-group marathoner John Knight shares how Glukos helped him train and race to a sub-3:10 marathon at Rock 'n' Roll Arizona 2016.

Ironman Champion Mary Beth Ellis: Learning From Other Sports

8X Ironman Champion Mary Beth Ellis shares how she looks to sports outside of triathlon to inform her personal training and racing success.

Ironman Champion Liz Lyles Tips For Running Faster

2X Ironman Champion, sub 3-hour marathoner and Glukos sponsored triathlete Liz Lyles shares her tips on how to become a faster runner.

Marathon Training Tips With Olympic Marathoner Ed Eyestone

In honor of our recent sponsorship announcement with the Rock ‘n’ Rock Marathon Series, Glukos Founder Mark Jensen sat down with legendary runner Ed Eyestone (2-time Olympic Marathoner, 10-time NCAA All-American and 4-time NCAA Champion) to give our fans exclusive insights into marathon training from one of the best to ever do it!


GLUKOS fueled runners to the finish line at the 2016 Rock 'n' Roll Arizona Marathon as the official on-course energy gel and gummie. Phoenix FOX News 10 was on-site at the marathon expo to interview GLUKOS founder Mark Jensen to learn about the full product lineup.

GLUKOS Event Support Program

GLUKOS is happy to announce our Event Support Program for event organizers to receive significant discounts of GLUKOS products.


TENNIS.COM BEST OF 2015. Jon Levey has this to say about GLUKOS, "One of the attractive things about Glukos is what it lacks—no artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, caffeine, chemicals or dyes...They’re easy to store, taste good without being overly sweet, and provide a quick, noticeable energy supply."

Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series Taps Into GLUKOS® For Gel & Gummie Category Exclusive In Energy

The GLUKOS Company Inc., an all-natural performance energy foods brand, today announced a partnership with Competitor Group Inc., operators of the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series to be the exclusive on-course gel and gummie supplier at more than 20 events annually from 2016 - 2018. GLUKOS' line of performance energy products is an ideal fit for the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series as they provide users twice the energy in half the time of leading energy products.

Winter Run Blog: 5 Tips To Improve Your Winter Runs

As winter settles in and temperatures drop, the changing conditions can present unique training challenges for athletes everywhere. Here's a few quick tips to make your outdoor training safe, productive and convenient over the holiday season!


GLUKOS Gummies were selected to the 2015 Runner's World Gear of the Year list. "This line of endurance fuel is notable for what’s not in it. No high fructose corn syrup. No artificial sweeteners. No caffeine. These were popular with several RW staffers." Bryan Boyle, The Runner's World Editors.


"Glukos bars are made from natural ingredients (seriously, I can pronounce everything on the label) like dates, cashews, and glucose. The last one is the body's ideal fuel source, so I get an instant energy bump and no crash later." - Danielle McNally, Senior Editor Cosmopolitan